Men in Trees

I got my first day on a show this year today with “Men in Trees”. I actually enjoyed getting up at 4 am for my 6 am call time. Mostly, I sat or stood around all day and watched circus.

The amount of carbon emmisions produced to shoot a few scences of tv or film is simply astounding. I wonder if anyone has done some math for how many tons of carbon per second were produced on various shows or films. The brute figures wouldn’t interest me really though, what’s awful is the wasteful spirit it’s done in. For example, cars and trucks left running needlessly (it isn’t -40 folks!), food being thrown out, and generally lots of waste being produced. Not to mention everybody smokes and throws their butts everywhere (somehow I dodged cleaning those up today?)

In other news: I have a car of my own now! My parents 1988 Ford Taurus station wagon. I’d like to be able to name it, like Alaisdair and Joyce, but I think Jeff Zinzelmyer already named it when I was in highschool – it will always be known as either the taurus, or the Taur-ass. My father and I changed the break shoes, drums, bled the breaks, changed the oii, sparkplugs, silicone greased the cv joints. I still want to do a coolant flush (it seems to be running a little hot).

I want to take it on a trip!


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