An article in the National Post I actually agree with

The government’s idea to ban – outright ban – incadescant bulbs, is just stupid. If anyone thinks otherwise, that is, has thought about it, and still thinks otherwise, I’ll fight them.

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The Ducks 5, the Canucks 1

Maybe we should just be happy to have made the 2nd round. This Ducks team has the size and skill that the Canucks could have taken to the finals in 02 or 03. (Hey – they have the same GM too). In fact, the Ducks remind me more of the Canucks of 02 or 94 […]

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Nucks Today

Alright, I’d really love to watch the game today, but I don’t have a TV, and I’m too poor to keep going to bars. Anyone want to invite me over? (Angela, I’m not asking you, I understand you’re ultra-busy/stressed, but thanks again for last time) So… anyone up for watching the game? I can bring […]

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Strathcona Park

I’ve lived in Mount Pleasant for ages now, and I’d never been to Strathcona park. Not that eventful a park, really. Some nice community gardens. But what really interested me is this: It’s a 3/8ths mile oval that held racing between 1954 and 1962. It was a dirt track up till 58 and then it […]

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The Meaning of Nihilism

I sometimes use the word “nihilism” in everyday speech. This creates a lot of problems. For some reason (which is actually immediately understandable), people take offense at being called “nihilists”. I think people in general take “nihilism” to mean something like a disbelief in all institutions, theories and facts. Nihilists think science is all bullshit, […]

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Things I learned tonight

1) The Canucks do not always buckle under pressure 2) Angela IS just as cool as I remembered (and much more cheerful in person!) 3) Just because it’s later in the year doesn’t mean it’s warmer in the night 4) Eventually you stop feeling your cold hands.

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Westwood Raceway

When you think of Vancouver and racing you probably think Richmond and street racing. Or, you might think driving all the way to mission just to run 1/4 mile times or their lousy road course, which is at least better than driving all the way to Seattle for the nearest real road course. What you […]

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