Strathcona Park

I’ve lived in Mount Pleasant for ages now, and I’d never been to Strathcona park.

Not that eventful a park, really. Some nice community gardens. But what really interested me is this:

It’s a 3/8ths mile oval that held racing between 1954 and 1962. It was a dirt track up till 58 and then it was paved for its final few years. I don’t know why it was shut down.

Today the paved track is still intact, and has been repaired (probably 20 years ago) with modern patches of asphalt. I rode around it on my bike, but most others walked dogs. Much of the track is much too rough to ride quickly, but one straight and the following corner are still quite smooth so I tried to get up some speed and get some idea of what it would have felt like going around the track quickly in a 50s hot rod.

Sadly, the track will be riped up to make way for a speed skating oval for the olympics. So, I encourage everyone to go visit it soon, before this little bit of Vancouver racing history is no more.


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