Take em away, toys

jack on December 26th, 2006 at 3:22 pm Nitrogen is Illegal in some states. Nitrogen, in a tire, if you run over a nail, will explode and cause some sort of a nitrous oxide. Nitrogen also has Isotopes that can make that explosion stronger. So I wouldn’t put it in my tires. Also if this […]

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Cabin Feever 3

Cabin Feever 3 has been scheduled for July 6-8. If I’m not working the 5th or 6th, I might head up with some people on thursday to extend the weekend. But the 6-8 will definitly be set aside for Cabin Feevering. If you’re my friend, feel free to come (you’ll have to get in contact […]

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Police, tonight at the Plaza

If you havn’t already heard, the Police are playing a secret set tonight as the “guests” of Sting’s son’s band “Fiction Plane”. The show is at the Plaza, today (saturday), at 7pm. I have what looks like 1 spare ticket. If you want it, it’s 15$. First to call me gets dibs.

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Audi Event

If anyone likes Audi’s, and would like to come with me to the unveiling of the new TT at Science world next wensday, I am allowed to bring one guest. The event includes an Imax film of indy cars going around a track, and a cocktail reception, aswell as an “unforgettable surprise”.

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Jazz Fest

The Vancouver Jazz Fest concerts have been announced, I want to go to Sonny Rollins (june 23rd, 8pm) Ugetsu (june 23rd, 3pm) Brad Turner Quartet (june 25, 8pm) Brad Turner Trio (june 30, 8pm) Anyone have suggestions, or want to come with? Sonny is 70$, the rest are much cheaper. (Ugetsu is free)

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Chilko Lake

Next Week’s Camping trip will be to Chilko Lake, I’ve just decided. It’s 4 to 6 hours from williams lake, So, about 10 hours from Vancouver. A bit of a drive I admit, but I believe it will be worth it – it will be a proper adventure! So far the people who are coming: […]

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Everything’s Going Green

Green is, Money, Bud, but also Envy, Sickness (specifically stomach – conscience/memory “The madman is the dispeptic”) It was great to see Leah again. She doesn’t read this so I’m free to talk about how privledged I feel to be hanging out with one of my favorite people to hang out with. walk-art gallery-dinner walk-dinner-movie-drink […]

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