It isn’t everyday you get to handle a WW2 rifle at work

Today I worked as a background on Tin Man, (upcoming children’s film). They had me dressed as a rebel fighter, fighting the evil Witch and her forces of evil. I wish I had a picture of myself and the other extras – we were truly awesome looking. Also, we all got to carry vintage firearms – I had a WW2 Enfield, built in Britain and sold to the U.S. Army, which apparently saw action against the Germans. Here is a photo of a similar rifle

I do not understand the fetishism for handguns, and I generally believe that they are a false margin of safety. However, everyone I know who owns or uses guns uses them with so much care and responsibility, that I hardly think gun ownership can be construed as a bad thing. I understand, however, the aesthetics of these vintage rifles. Yes, of course they are phallus replacements, but this is the case for any desired consumer product.

I do not understand, however, why you would own a gun. Guns are tools, so if there is a war on, it makes sense to have one. Or, if you need to keep the King of england out of your house. Or – if you hunt. But, shooting at the range? Sure, that’s practice, not an end in itself. That’s how I see it at least. So, in other words, I wouldn’t buy a gun, even a vintage rifle like the Enfield, unless I was going to take it hunting. After all, it’s not like I would want to shoot anyone with it.


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