Just to be clear…

Just to be clear, the Canucks deserved to lose tonight. They played awfully for most of 3 periods, and the score could have easily being 8-0 if it were not for Luongo, who was not just brilliant but awesome.


They actually should have won. The only goal against in regulation was a mis-call. You can call me a whiner, but the 3 analysts on hockey night in Canada were very confused by it, their only explination being that perhaps the ref was simply not looking at the goalie, but only at the puck: that’s the only way he could have been standing right there and not seeing the Duck turn, push into, and generally knock over Luongo on purpose. Not to say the Canucks EVER would have scored if they hadn’t been down 1-0, but that’s not how this game of “what would have happened” works, is it.

About the winning goal, I’m not sure why Luongo didn’t see it in time. It doesn’t really matter to me, since the first goal should have been disallowed, he actually posted a 0.7 GAA or thereabouts in the game (1 goal in 4 and a bit periods). Any team that can’t win with that kind of GAA deserves to lose, as our beloved Nucks did tonight.

It’s too bad though, because I had every belief that if they did make it back to Vancouver, they could at least put on a show at home.


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