A strangely good day

Today started with a walk to Costco, to print film I had put off having processed for too long. At 4$ a roll, I can’t afford to process it anywhere else. On the way to Costco, I ran into Rusty, who is now a Snowboard photographer at Whistler. Little did I know this run-in with an old friend was just the beginning of a day of run-ins.

After getting the photos back I walked through Chinatown and the DTES, hoping to hang out and read in Victory Square. There, I ran into Leah, someone I’ve always liked very much, but havn’t seen in several years due to a falling out, and the fact that she was in other cities and countries. I gave her a brief historical tour of Chinatown and the DTES, and then we went to the Art Gallery. (It just happened to be Donations night). The exhibits were excellent, (and I again ignored the acting as photography exhibit on the first floor). Also, at some point we ran into Sarah, a friend of mine from high school. I actually hadn’t seen her at all in 7 years, so that was neat.

After the Art Gallery, we realized we hadn’t eaten anything all day, so we went to Stepho’s, a Greek Restaurant on Davie. I am completely blown away – for 2 Lamb dinners, and a half liter of wine the bill was only 31.50. And the food was beyond exquisite. Well done Stepho’s, I’ll definitely be back.

After all that, I had to leave Leah to find Rachel at her Going Away Party at the Rugby club. Initially I was not a great fan of this place, but I am warming up to it. 12 year old single malt scotch for 5$ a glass just isn’t so bad.

On the whole, a really wonderful day.


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