Chilko Lake

Next Week’s Camping trip will be to Chilko Lake, I’ve just decided. It’s 4 to 6 hours from williams lake, So, about 10 hours from Vancouver. A bit of a drive I admit, but I believe it will be worth it – it will be a proper adventure!

So far the people who are coming:


Meags Beattie

Benn, Ann?

The fact is, my car has 7 seats (although more than 5 requires using the tiny seats in the trunk, which in turn destroys trunk space). So, please reserve your spaces fast. Also, if anyone else is interested, make sure to pipe up to make sure you get to come. Fact is, I can probably scare up another vehicle if neccesary.

The camping fee is 10$ per car. Although, it isn’t june 15th yet so the camping fee is actually free.

I’m supplying the basic kit (stove, plates), but if people want to bring their own tents, sleeping bags. (I have extra sleeping bags if you don’t have one).


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