The Seven how the fuck are these wonders of Canada?

I was really quite excited about making this entry, and here are the 7 lamest wonders of Canada:

1. Vegreville Egg, Alberta
2. Spiral Tunnels
4. CN Tower
5. L’Anse L’amour (village of 7)
6. Dawson City
7. Covered Bridge

These things are all, well not neccesarily lame, but certainly not wonderful or wondrous. The CN tower is really tall for people who’ve never seen a mountain (grouse is 3 times the height). When you climb the grouse grind – that’s twice the elevation that you climb in the elevator of the CN tower. A painted Egg? How dumb is that? Spiral tunnells oooooo why didn’t they just say, “the railroad”, rather than one dumb tunnel. And a village of 7? Neat, but not a wonder. Dawson City? What a piece of crap. Just a bunch of tourist casinos. All the miners left town ages ago – a fake town, and an only marginally interesting piece of history. And a covered bridge? How is that a wonder? It’s just a lame tourist draw for people who drive big american cars and read “Bridges of Madison County”.

Wonder’s inspire deep awe. Here is a list of the wonders which I approve as first class:

Bay of Fundy
Dempster Highway
Ice Roads
Montreal Bagel
Stanley Cup
Musee de Civilization
Wreck Beach

Most of the others that havn’t been mentioned, I simply can’t say because I havn’t seen them. Technically I havn’t seen the cup, but I’m privy to the aura it holds over boys minds. Also I’ve seen the Bay of Fundy on tv alot, I think I get the point. I’ve driven the dempster, want to drive an Ice road, tasted yummy Bagels, and been to the museaums in drum hell er and Quebec. Oh, and I’ve been naked on Wreck Beach. All pretty wonderful things. Unlike a covered bridge! What the hell is that?


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