Four Eyed Monsters

Is a film made by two people in New York. You can watch it completely on Youtube until august 15th. It is a film made retrospectively about a couple who met and developed their relationship using only “artistic medium” – writing and sending each other video clips. They did not speak. For months. Eventually they […]

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Soccer Offside

It’s a good rule, I guess. I don’t think the rule should be changed. But calling it is an absolute disaster. In a game where there are only 1-4 goals per game on average, you can’t have goals incorrectly disalowed or allowed. This isn’t basketball. Solution: If the ref is unsure, if the call is […]

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Fun Filled Weekend ahead

Because I have to work friday night, I have to miss the much anticipated canoe trip (*awwwwwwwww*). But, I will make the most of spending the weekend in the city. This weekend Vancouver sports not one but TWO street festivals. Saturday: Main Day. Around Main and King Ed. Bands, facepainting, lots of mainstreet style fun […]

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If anyone is near New York City…

They should take a walk over to the Moma to see Richard Serra – Inside! Not the person, of course – but a few of his pieces. If anyone (everyone) hasn’t heard of Serra, he’s a sculptor that works usually on massive scales. Usually site-specific installations that interact, are set into the landscape, respond to […]

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