Fyck the Police


Four Eyed Monsters

Is a film made by two people in New York. You can watch it completely on Youtube until august 15th.

It is a film made retrospectively about a couple who met and developed their relationship using only “artistic medium” – writing and sending each other video clips. They did not speak. For months. Eventually they did speak, and decided to make a film about their relationship.

They are a bit insane.

But all artists are a bit insane. They’ve made something pretty special. So, I recommend you take a look at the film. If you like the film, you can go from their website to spout.com and sign up and it gives them a dollar. They’ve already raised 30000$ that way. Not too bad. They are still very poor. But mostly they’re interesting. I think you will like the film.


This Sunday

This sunday (Canada day) I’ll be going to the Saturna Island BBQ. The Saturna Island BBQ is a huge party with 25 crucified lambs being roasted around a fire, aswell as a coconut throwing booth. You can see some pictures at the website here:

I’ll be taking the 9:50am Ferry there, and the 10pm ferry back.

The Party is free, the food is something like 8 bucks. There’s a beer garden. I’m bringing a flask.

Sara has expressed some interest in coming. Anyone else?

BTW the party is super fun.

Why Medical Doctors are the worst kind of materialist

Medical doctors are trained to know a lot about some aspect of the human body. Many years spent learning all the disorders possible. All good stuff right? Well, unfortunately, since they’re taught that they know virtually everything about some aspect of the body, any disorder that doesn’t fit their models is automatically being “invented” by the patient – and crucially – even if it isn’t, it’s not of interest to them. Quote: “If you do have some un diagnosible sort of retinal degeneration, we couldn’t do anything about it anyway”. It’s all fine and dandy for her to want me out of her office, but the fact is, if I don’t get this disorder with my eyes cleared up, it would be impossible for me to take on an academic career.

Soccer Offside

It’s a good rule, I guess. I don’t think the rule should be changed. But calling it is an absolute disaster. In a game where there are only 1-4 goals per game on average, you can’t have goals incorrectly disalowed or allowed. This isn’t basketball.

Solution: If the ref is unsure, if the call is close, then refrain from saying anything and go to a video replay.

This is exactly what’s happened in Hockey. It use to be the ref would always call goal or not a goal, and then the video replay could only change the call if it was definitive. Now refs often say nothing, to give more leway to the video replay judge. Smart Move. Soccer, are you reading my blog?

Agora String Band, Drive Days, Old-Thyme music

At Main Day today I discovered my new favorite local bluegrass group – the Agora String Band. They don’t, it seems, have a myspace so I can’t link you to them. They play a varied mix of bluegrass and southern folk, and even some Stompin’ Tom. Their sound is more gentle than most, they resist the temptation to bang out the tunes. Also, their chinese banjo player has a beautiful voice. Here’s a photo I found online:

ALSO, tommorow is drive days meet at the drive at nooner for that. Tommorow night is a bluegrass festival in Kitz.

Over and out!

Fun Filled Weekend ahead

Because I have to work friday night, I have to miss the much anticipated canoe trip (*awwwwwwwww*). But, I will make the most of spending the weekend in the city. This weekend Vancouver sports not one but TWO street festivals.

Saturday: Main Day. Around Main and King Ed. Bands, facepainting, lots of mainstreet style fun going on.

Sunday: Drive Day. The drive. Lots of commercial stuff going on. J/K. I think they actually shut down the drive for this one, so it should be awesome.

If anyone is near New York City…

They should take a walk over to the Moma to see Richard Serra – Inside! Not the person, of course – but a few of his pieces. If anyone (everyone) hasn’t heard of Serra, he’s a sculptor that works usually on massive scales. Usually site-specific installations that interact, are set into the landscape, respond to the earth, sky, whatever else encircles them. But these are museaum pieces. They are still massive, at least by indoor standards.

“He’s serious about his work, which he repeats ‘comes out of work,’ serious about making space with massive plates of Cor-Ten steel.”