BC Day Long Weekend


So my BC day long weekend is open. I’m on the island, I have a car. Who wants to go camping on BC day? I’m thinking maybe, Saltspring? Ruckly point park? We’d have to get there super early to get a spot, but I think I can manage that. There is a ferry to Saltspring that leaves from 20 min from where I live so I can take the first ferry over on the saturday, claim the spot, then pick people up from the other ferry.

If your interested, or have other ideas for an amazing plan, give me a comment.


The Island

So, I live on the island now. I hope the BBQ went well. Kerrie, why didn’t you call me? Anyway, call me.

Also, I have no friends on the island. So, if you are my friend, (hey – Brie, you’re on the island, arn’t you?) Call me. And we’ll hook up. Not in the sexual way. I have this wensday off aswell as the coming weekend. My cell is 778-232-3123. Actually, tommorow I should be off at a reasonable time, albeit in Victoria. Agh! I hate commuting! 16.5 hrs work plus 1.2 hrs commuting each way equals WAY TOO LONG DAY.

But, on the other hand, I do have the best boss in the history of capitalism. Also, Hollis Woods is a super fun show to work on. I’ve made aquaintence with lots of cool crew members, and lots of them are nice. Only the standard super-high stress positions are not filled by chill folks. But I can’t blame them; if I had their job I’d be ultra stressed too.

A New Job

I am employed – as a PA on some show on Van Island. I’m headed over there today. That means – unfortunately, that my Birthday (july 4th) will go uncelebrated. However, Cabin Feever is unnafected (I’m getting the afternoon off to come back over and drive up).

I will be changing my phone number but NOT UNTIL NEXT WEEK because of Cabin Feever, I’m going to wait till after that’s over before making everyone change the number in their phones.

That is all