BC Day Long Weekend

Ok, So my BC day long weekend is open. I’m on the island, I have a car. Who wants to go camping on BC day? I’m thinking maybe, Saltspring? Ruckly point park? We’d have to get there super early to get a spot, but I think I can manage that. There is a ferry to […]

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The Island

So, I live on the island now. I hope the BBQ went well. Kerrie, why didn’t you call me? Anyway, call me. Also, I have no friends on the island. So, if you are my friend, (hey – Brie, you’re on the island, arn’t you?) Call me. And we’ll hook up. Not in the sexual […]

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A New Job

I am employed – as a PA on some show on Van Island. I’m headed over there today. That means – unfortunately, that my Birthday (july 4th) will go uncelebrated. However, Cabin Feever is unnafected (I’m getting the afternoon off to come back over and drive up). I will be changing my phone number but […]

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