The Island

So, I live on the island now. I hope the BBQ went well. Kerrie, why didn’t you call me? Anyway, call me.

Also, I have no friends on the island. So, if you are my friend, (hey – Brie, you’re on the island, arn’t you?) Call me. And we’ll hook up. Not in the sexual way. I have this wensday off aswell as the coming weekend. My cell is 778-232-3123. Actually, tommorow I should be off at a reasonable time, albeit in Victoria. Agh! I hate commuting! 16.5 hrs work plus 1.2 hrs commuting each way equals WAY TOO LONG DAY.

But, on the other hand, I do have the best boss in the history of capitalism. Also, Hollis Woods is a super fun show to work on. I’ve made aquaintence with lots of cool crew members, and lots of them are nice. Only the standard super-high stress positions are not filled by chill folks. But I can’t blame them; if I had their job I’d be ultra stressed too.


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