On the greatness of MINT

Yesterday whilst painting I heard a show on CBC radio 1, called “Flavour of the week”. It’s a cooking show that devotes an entire hour to one flavour. Yesterday it was Mint. They raved on and talked to various chefs and bartenders about Moroccan Mint tea, Mohitos, Lamb with mint. Inspired, and with help from the mint growing in my grandmother’s garden, I made Moroccan mint tea. It’s really quite easy, just take some green tea, a generous helping of fresh mint, a few tablespoons of white sugar, all in a teapot. Pour boiling water over and let sit. It’s a very sweet tea, and apparently they drink it all day in Morocco (Milan can probably speak to this). Today I’ve aquired limes and am going to make mohitos.

It’s such a beautiful day, I can see the sea. Maybe I’ll get that Canon A550 and then you’ll be able to see it aswell.


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