I just realized that although I’ve been eating enough vegetables in Toronto, there’s a solid chance my diet is varied enough to include all the vitamins I need. Since there’s little chance of my diet becoming more varied, I should probably consider taking a multivitamin. This is where I’d ask for suggestions, if I had […]

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Awake, experiment

Last night I was unable to get to bed. I could say it was because Rawls’ “The Law of Peoples” was simply to riveting but then you’d know I was lying, wouldn’t you. I did finish it though, and I’m mostly through Paul Collier’s “The Bottom Billion”. Trouble is, it’s 11 am and my brain […]

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Why does Rawls fail to inspire?

Today I’ve been reading Rawls’ “The Law of Peoples”. This work is differentiated from his other two main works, “Theory of Justice” and “Political Liberalism” by it’s scope: no longer how to rationally arrange the liberal state in a just manner, nor to justify the liberal conception of the good, but rather to discuss how […]

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A tribute to a friend

My friend will likely never read this post, because for reasons I don’t myself fully understand, I am not telling anyone about this blog. (If there is an obvious reason – it is because no one who matters reads blogs anyway, so a blog “for no one” is the logical extension of the very idea […]

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International Justice

The position is roughly this: if international trade is a coercive practice in which countries which lose from it can not actually withdraw, is there an imperative to create a coercive institution that can regulate the practice of int. trade such that it benefits the least well off, or at least redresses some of the […]

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Today is the first day of snow in Toronto, for winter 2008. (It’s still 2007). I called Cate, and I think some others, to say “Welcome to Toronto”, in the sense that what Toronto really is is a blizzardy wasteland. Which is of course false (Toronto is also smog, 40 degree summers, and a lake […]

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A new Blog

I’ve decided to start a new blog. I’m not going to tell anyone about it. Presumably some will find it using Google, presumably maybe even someone that I don’t know. This is beside the point. The blog is going to be dull. It is merely an excuse to force myself to write about what I […]

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