Awake, experiment

Last night I was unable to get to bed. I could say it was because Rawls’ “The Law of Peoples” was simply to riveting but then you’d know I was lying, wouldn’t you. I did finish it though, and I’m mostly through Paul Collier’s “The Bottom Billion”. Trouble is, it’s 11 am and my brain is turning to very thoughtful mush. I can read Hegel, but just barely. The concepts are clear, but my speed at articulating a difficult thought I have noticed has slowed considerably.

My plan is to remain up for the entire day, or at least till 8 pm or so, and then sleep. I really enjoyed being up at 8 am, the day holds such a huge draft of possibilities at that point. I truly am a morning person.

Coffee, effects of: (by experience, particular) calming. Some lost motor skills. Would not operate motor vehicle.


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