Upon returning from the backwoods

…after a 6 hour trek along savage roads I was back from a six day family christmas foray to the cabin. As soon as I had returned I embarked on the even longer journey by transit to north Vancouver. Milan hosted an excellent winter party at which I had the good fortune to speak to […]

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Cabin Feever 3.5

I’ve decided to write down the tale of cabin feever 3.5, so it can be remembered for posterity and shared. On Saturday, after very little sleep the four of us departed only 6 minutes behind schedule – at 10:06AM, from my parents house in Surrey. When we took off the aftermarket outside temperature gage my […]

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Common Misconceptions about Marx

I’ve recently had the privilege of studying Capital, and wish to share a few things will you all. A) Marx believes communism is political system superior to capitalism. Although there is a way to understand this statement as true, it is deeply misleading. Isn’t that communism is an alternative political system so much as a […]

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