Photos from Ottawa trip

The trip to Ottawa was extremely enjoyable. Ottawa is not like toronto – it has a landscape. It has hills, rivers. There are power dams in Ottawa because there are raging rivers from which huge amounts of force can be set to work and set aside for others’ use. I like Ottawa. I like public […]

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There was once a girl who valued health, and on this basis she became vegetarian. Actually she became Vegan. Soon after, that girl decided to further restrict her diet to raw food only. She felt that raw food would help her further pursue her goal of health. Unsatisfied, she decided that despite these restrictions her […]

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Plane of Consistency

What “really exist” is the plane of consistency, which is the virtual plane on which all possible contingent connections are already drawn as potentialities. At the same time, the plane is only real insofar as you build it – you build a regime of signs that opens those possibilities as things your body can do. […]

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Health Care versus Car Care

In this post, metafilter has recently asked why, if car insurance doesn’t pay for oil changes, should universal health care pay for medical check ups? I think the mistake here is to think it would be more expensive to insure your car if the cost of changing the oil was built in. This is almost […]

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What is Empiricism?

Empiricism is the doctrine that the way to know about the world is to test it and see how it responds. These responses should be systematized according to laws which effectively predict the results of future tests. Empiricism must acknowledge that it could always be wrong – since it makes no claims that the laws […]

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What is there?

In this short piece I will attempt to convince you that you already hold a philosophical position on the question: “what is there?”, and that this position determines significantly the way you conceptualize your interactions in the world. Chances are, you think of yourself as either an empiricist or an idealist. By empiricism I mean […]

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Chomsky’s account of Globalization calls into question any attempt to call the current structure of global integration fair. Maybe if any IR scholars read this blog they could point out the problem with his argument, because as a member of a 1st world state it calls into question any ability to participate in the mainstream […]

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