Walking in Vancouver

Yesterday I met with Kate at her house near Commercial Drive, and with Scary Mike at a bar on Granville. Betwixt these two meetings I walked through my favorite city. This walk, along with my transit trip from North Vancouver to the border of Langley on new years day emphasized the organic unity of the lower mainland, as a narrative. Every place is connected to every other place by pathways, and they are in turn defined by these pathways. Furthermore, these pathways are long. Living in Toronto, in “the cube”, there is very little sense of pathways. Rather, I live a rather sendentary existence which rarely moves from one part of the city to another, and when I do travel, it feels like such an arduous inconvenience. It is not that some cities are cities of neighborhoods and some are cities of commuters, but rather than some neighborhoods are defined by those who never leave, and some by the manners in which they can be left.

Point on a line



  1. Who is Scary Mike? He sounds pretty radical. My life between work in White Rock, living in East Van, and commuting to UBC reminds me of the pathways you are talking about. Life in BC certainly leaves a lot of travel room.


  2. I think ‘Scary’ Mike is the guy I visited in Paris. You probably met him at the party at my parents’ house: relatively short, bearded, and not scary at all in person.


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