Today was a great day. First, I woke up excellently early (9am). Second, I was finally able to formulate the list of philosophical questions for today’s class trip to the Serra Sculpture at the Toronto Airport. Third, we actually went the airport, saw the Sculpture and worked on it for several hours. It was the first time I’d seen a Serra in person, and it really was everything Sam’s books had made it out to be. Fourth, I went out for dinner with my three favorite classmates. Fifth, myself and two classmates were lost in the snowstorm for an hour trying to find a coffee shop. Eventually gave up and went to second cup (positively awful their coffee is). Sixth I walked home from Young and College in the snow, trudging all the way across the field in front of New College in fresh snow I felt a bit like an explorer. Walking back through the university, I really do live in and around the most beautiful parts of Toronto. Which is to say, (from Milan’s photography at least), the bits that look most like Oxford). Seventh I tried to help some people get their BMW up their driveway, unsuccessfully.  Eigth – School might be cancelled tommorow!

I took pictures of the Serra piece, so look for an in depth description of the art-trip tomorrow to come with them.


One thought on “Wensday

  1. Sounds like quite a day!

    I really enjoyed reading that piece on Nihilism that you posted on Milan’s blog. It helps me with my current existential crises.

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