On Tea

I have begun this year to drink a lot more tea. In the past I was a bit snobbish about tea – I only wished to drink loose leaf tea and only from the best stores. This does not translate well when you live by yourself and your only kitchen is a mile high stack of your housemates’ plates.

After Christmas, 2nd Cup had on sale for 4.25$ a wonderful set of drawers for putting tea in. It came with 5 each of 8 different kinds of teas. Yes, I do realize it was the deal of the century, and no, they didn’t have any others and that’s why I wasn’t able to give any away as gifts. Now I have in my room tea cups, an electric kettle, and many kinds of tea. It turned out that none of the tea’s which came in the set (in keeping with 2nd Cup’s “very mediocre everything” policy I’m sure) were very good, but they were certainly acceptable. I’ve since replaced 2nd Cup’s teas with tea in satchels purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart. I know, I am the opposite of class. However, the “our compliments” Earl Gray is extremely good, not up to Merchees standards, but very far above Twinnings. Furthermore, I find I’m able to refill the cup at least twice and still have good flavour (this is especially good for the evening since virtually all the caffeine is instantly disolved when water is first poured on the satchel). I’ve also picked up “Calm” and “Awake” – Starbucks’ teas. I have not yet tried them but hopefully they will live up to Starbucks’ “Consistently above average” quality policy.

It is very satisfying to refill the drawers. If nick ever mails me my camera, I will take photos of myself placing and removing satchels from the drawers.


3 thoughts on “On Tea

  1. Twinings is terrible!

    I bought a tin of loose-leaf Twining’s Earl Grey and have since been drinking tea that tastes like it was sifted through a paper-towel.

    Murchie’s is pretty hard to beat, but Starbucks’ Earl Grey is my very favorite. It’s the most pungent. The rest of Starbucks’ tea is pretty awful though.

    With the exception of their Tazo Chai (if you mix it with enough honey and soy milk) and their ‘Refresh’ mint tea.

  2. Tristan,
    I got some Lotus tea from an Asian Supermarket downtown and it tastes like death, but maybe you like the taste of death… I can bring you some this weekend of you like.

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