FM Radio

When I woke up today, at about 2 pm, I put on CBC radio 2 – notably on a radio and not as a streaming feed from the internet. The significance of this is it was not compromised by system performance, or by the need to shut down or restart. The upshot is there has been a continuous stream of music in my room for almost twelve hours.

And, I must say, it makes me very proud to be Canadian. Many shows have gone by – Disc Drive, the Signal, Tonic, Canada Live, and now, Nightstreem. Not a single piece of music came out of these speakers which I was not surprised by, and which I did not like. Not a single advertisement has interupted me. All of the hosts are pleasant and insightful. Some hosts are like familiar friends – Jurgen Gothe from Disc Drive is the soundtrack of my painting days. Katie Malloch seems always to be presenting the Signal in the afternoon/evening time when I’d be driving home from a day at work which ended pleasantly early. And in the height of summer – when I usually finished long after dark, the Signal with Laurie Brown would literally waft me home along Vancouver Island’s smooth and curly roads. If I had been up earlier, I would have heard Eric Friesen present Studio Sparks. I can even conceptualize different kinds of working days in terms of which programs came on at which part of them.

Truly, I am lucky to be Canadian if it means I get to listen to this.



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