Cookies when there’s no food in the house

I often bake without really having the ingredients which would normally be considered required for baking. Usually, the results turn out mediocre to say the least. Today though, they went quite well – so I decided to share the recipe.

Some amount of Quick Oats place in a medium sized bowl

Add Sugar (Brown, in this case, could subsitute mollasses or honey or…?). I also added quite a bit of Cinnamon.

Add oil (I used a mix of Canola and Corn oil, because that’s what was left out on the counter. I recommend against olive.)

Stir, then add boiling water sparingly while stirring till it reaches a thick, porridge like consistency.

Using a spoon, divide dough into cookie sized portions on a baking sheet. Bake at 350 until they are cooked.


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