Spring Warmth, and the at-home

Today is the first day where it has been warm enough for our patio to be a reasonably nice place to sit (that’s where I am now in fact, thanks to my new micro-PC). There’s a feeling of elation in the spring – the habitable world expands out your front door.  On Tuesday I tried to do some thought exercises on the south steps of the Spadina Museum, but it was simply to cold and blustery to use the space effectively. Of course, there are coffee shops, but the cost of frequenting them adds up.

So, sitting here, feeling not locked in my room, I look forward to the good weather to come.


One thought on “Spring Warmth, and the at-home

  1. Winter finally seems to have broken here, as well.

    It’s very annoying that my back patio and the alley beside my house are both in shadow all day. As a result, they still have several inches of solid ice on them, making it quite hazardous to bring out my bike.

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