On Elation

Last night I finished my last paper for core theoretical. So, while I have several other things due before I am finished the term, I do feel over the hump in the sense of having completed almost all the work I dislike – I’m really quite looking forward to the rest.

Today is warm, sunny, and bright. Like yesterday and the day before. Today my challenge is to get my bike on the road. Hopefully Valerie will no longer be scared of the snow (it is almost completely absent now), and we can go for a ride. Speaking of snow – my post on snow from december was printed in the Co-op Newsletter “COOP D’ETAT”. However, whereas in the past the publication had the funkyness of a real zine, it now has all the originality of an eigth graders last minute english project – I am actually quite embarassed to be published in it, but more than this, I’ve learned how essential presentation is to text even when the text is prose like.

I also want to say that wordpress has messed about with the appearence of its blog creation pages, and they’ve made a real hash of it. It’s really much less user friendly, as well as less aesthetic overall, than before.



  1. There are a few annoying aspects in the WordPress 2.5 interface. For instance, it doesn’t show what time scheduled posts are meant to come up. Also, the location of the category check boxes is more awkward.

    At least the photo uploading is much improved, though the flash interface makes it somewhat slower.


  2. One place to leave comments for the WordPress development team is here.

    No doubt, some of the bugs in 2.5 will be fixed when 2.5.1 comes out. The new big releases are always a bit problematic, right out of the gate.


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