2008 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

This year the national congress of humanities and social sciences occurs may 31st to june 8th UBC, which is fortuitous for me because I will be in Vancouver during the time anyway. The congress is an academic mecca, with both a “congress level” of talks for which there is one schedule, and also corresponding conferences from just about every field in humanities or social sciences. In other words, it’s both one conference at a hundred. I’ll be going as a delegate from the Canadian Philosophical association, although I will likely spend more time at the Social for Existential Phenomenology’s talks (I need to get around to joining that organization).

If you like conferences, this promises to be everything you could ever ask one to be. I like the “eventness” about them, it’s a bit special to have all these people together at once. Not entirely unlike the feeling around the World debating tournament which was recently at UBC. The only really big conference I’ve been to before was the American Comp Lit society at Princeton, and this one promises to be even larger, although perhaps less unified.

One small issue, at the time I’ll be living at my parents house in Surrey – is anyone willing to let me crash at their place nearer to UBC for a few days?

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