The Taste of Coffee

I like the taste of coffee, but I do not consider myself well trained concerning tasting coffee. I know when I like the taste of coffee, and I know when I do not like it, but I can hardly know how to make a cup of coffee taste good or bad. Crucially however, I have no words to properly describe the taste of good or bad coffee.

Notice that it’s much easier with beer – I know lots of words concerning beer. For starters, “Lager”, “Ale”, “Pale ale”, “India pale ale”, “Stout”, “blonde”, “pilsner”. And others – I can use these words to think about the taste of beer as I’m drinking it. Certainly some beer drinkers have much richer vocabularies, and they have expressions which can help compare beers with each other. On the other hand, I don’t have these words for coffee – I have “Dark roast” and “medium roast”. I have no concept of what a light roast tastes like

I know one thing, I know the taste of coffee when it has been made with not enough coffee. It has a dark watery taste. But in general, I am completely hooped.
Does anyone have some vocabulary which might help me? Is there a book?

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