Backcheck hath defiled my honour

I just got back from a job interview at a firm called Backcheck, at their Port Kells offices. I was rejected because I failed to meet the standard score on their intelligence evaluation test. Are they crazy? I don’t like to pull rank, but I have an M.A. in Philosophy, and although I couldn’t tell them this because I wasn’t planning on telling them I would be leaving after just a few months, but there are some people back East about to pay me a good chunk of change to keep studying Philosophy.

What is worse, is that the reprasentative who spoke to me admitted that it’s quite random what people score on the aptitude test – people may score low initially and high on second try, or high initially and low on second try. They encouraged me to re take the aptitude test, but after a three month waiting period. Three months? Do they honestly not think I would have a different and better job in three months?

All of this would be comprehensible except for the fact it is a human resources firm – their job is to do background checks and evaluate candidates for positions, other companies outsource part of their H.R. to Backcheck to do this. And yet, Backcheck themselves have a hiring practice which they admit has a high compontent of randomness in selecting out apt candidates. Shame on you backcheck, shame.

However, I’m not cross that I did not get the job. Backcheck must be a strange and awful place. There is a pond out front, and five electric radio controlled speedboats on shelves in the lobby. I can only guess that the use of these is given as prizes for excellent work done. How perverse.
I would, however, like to challenge Backcheck to a duel. Unfortunately this is illeagle, and impractical – as there is no “backcheck” person, it only appears on paper. What is not illegal, however, is writing the address and directions to their secret Pork Kells offices. They are located in the Cancar buidling, at 19433 96th Ave, Surrey B.C. Their offices are Suite 200, and you get to them by crossing bridge from the parking lot and ringing the buzzer at the doors on the far left.

19433 96th Ave Surrey B.C. Suite 200. Just walk over the bridge and its the left most door.

33 thoughts on “Backcheck hath defiled my honour

  1. That certainly does sound rather stupid.

    From what I have read, IQ tests are largely a test of how many IQ tests you have completed.

  2. Your honour hath not been defiled, goodly friend. Only the reputation of that already sullied whore of a measurement deigned ‘The IQ test’

  3. Priceless. I have ammunition for life.

    Philosophers are supposed to be good at intelligence tests and the LSATs, something about multiple logic sections and language aptitude that only tracks culturally specific references. A platypus by any other name would smell…

    Regain your honour. When asked, allege that it was designed by analytics, for analytics.

  4. Devil’s advocate: was spelling a component of the test? 😉

    Best of luck with your upcoming opportunity!

  5. You may or may not be interested to know the location of the BackCheck UK office (the parent company is Checkwell Decision Limited). They are in Swansea, Wales. 8th Floor, Alexandra House to be precise. Directly opposite the railway station. They also have an office in Montreal and have recently opened one in Makati City (Manila), Philippines to take advantage of the cheap labour.

  6. Its not an IQ test, it’s a test designed to see if your skill set will fit into the job they are considering hiring you for.

    And for the record “checked” the Manilla office only consists of transfers from the UK and Canada, the reason it opened is to allow the company to operate 24 hours a day… 95% of the companys staff are located in canada and the UK.

  7. Just a thought here, hotshot.
    There’s probably a reason why BackCheck keeps its addresses secret. You may have just personally screwed everyone who ever put in personal info for a background check with that company- including yourself. Something to keep in mind when your name and SIN suddenly appear in Etobicoke, used by a guy with a penchant for lap dances and guns.

  8. There’s probably a reason why BackCheck keeps its addresses secret.

    If the only protection on their records is the ‘secrecy’ of their location, they have some serious planning problems, indeed.

  9. To be honest- your reaction to failing a test to become an entry level employee in a small/medium business is probably a good indication of why you didn’t actually receive a job in human resources.

    Generally someone who has accomplished an M.A would likely exhibit a little more maturity and find a job that is more appropriate for their education and skill set. I don’t know you or the company in question here but job rejections happen every day in the world- you should be thankful that at least yours was for not passing a standardized test as opposed to because of appearance, race, religion or sexual orientation.

    In regards to giving out the address for a company that handles sensitive personal information- I’m not familiar with Canadian Universities but I would hope that they tend to groom people with higher maturity and common sense than yourself.

  10. Milan;
    The company in question here requires you to scan your thumb print just to open the front door. All of the data is stored on encrypted servers. There is nothing wrong with the company’s security procedures. Still, keeping the address hidden is just a matter of common sense. I mean, it would be just plain stupid to take all those measures to protect everyone’s personal information and then just say “WERE OVER HERE!!”.

    Use your brain.

  11. I don’t really understand your beef here.

    The representative probably told you that the test is not always accurate because you apparently were quite upset about not having passed the test or being hired. Something any good, empathic HR person would do.

    Moreover, if you’re such a blue chip prospect with an M.A. and a ton of opportunities, why would you be upset about it in the first place? Your post just seems vindictive, and probably a good thing for them that they didn’t hire you, sorry.

    Milan, Many companies have mailing addresses for ‘public record’ and do not divulge their headquarters for various reasons. It could give away trade secrets, the size of their firm (based on office size), or most importantly, put people’s personal information at risk.

    You guys need to understand the reality of business better.

  12. Why are so many people commenting on this post? Did Backcheck send the URL around to all of its employees?

  13. I find it ironic that you are as obtuse as you appear. Your grammar and spelling are terrible for someone with your supposed high level of academic achievement. An MA in philosophy? I have just one (overused) sentence in mind that you should probably memorize: “Would you like fries with that?”

  14. Backcheck doesn’t keep its address hidden at all. I was considering applying and since I live in Montreal I wanted to see if I was close to the office. All I did was go to their website and all the office adresses were there. No big secret.

  15. Well, I’m a B.S. Psychology graduate and I can tell that their I.Q. tests are not that good in its psychometric properties specifically its reliability. You said that the representative who spoke to you told you that it’s quite random what people score on the aptitude test – people may score low initially and high on second try and so on. Based on my what I learned in school, the tests should get the same score even if it is administered in two different occasions. So we could say that Backcheck is not utilizing good I.Q. tests for their company. Actually, I have an interview tomorrow in Backcheck located in Makati City, Philippines. I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow. I might just give it a try. There goes my explanation.

  16. Good thing I got to read this before I even thought of sending them my application.

    Betz, I’d like to know how your interview turned out.

  17. I was asked to come in for a interview which took just over 3 hours, endless tests and forms to fill out, finally a face to face which point i was so fed up with the whole process for what $14 an hour….i then get a email 2 weeks later saying that ‘although my qualifications are impressive’ they’ve decided to give the job to someone else.Which is fine but what is the need for all these forms to be filled out and they make you sign an agreement stating that they can use your personal information and basically you have willingly given them this info…why the hell would they want to keep your personal data.. honestly i think that they are just a scam to build up their database for HR depts who contact them querying your references. BIG WASTE OF TIME AND EFFORT.

  18. I applied just like everyone else after seeing the advertisement on for the second time. I receieved a call from one of their HR ladies to come in for an interview.I got there and was told to complete numerous tests on their computers set out in the reception area.Given a whole bunch of forms to fill out regarding all my personal information, signing disclosure statements and then finally in for a interview. Their they handed me yet another test to spot spelling mistakes and grammer of an article.After that the two ladies interviewed me and asked me scenario-based questions which i got right but found odd as they were on Backcheck policies…which how would i know since i haven’t worked there wasn’t even like they were common-sense kind of questions.I forget to mention that on a number of time even in the testing phase they make you aware that in no circumstances are you to ‘hide’ any kind of previous employment even if it were for a short period of time…they want to know everything and they ask you again in the interview.3 hours later…i leave with them telling me that i’ve done really well and will be contacted in a couple of weeks.Then 2 weeks later my email arrives telling me that they were impressed with my qualifications but have decided to go with another candidate….only for me to find yet another job posting for the same 10 positions advertised 2 days later on the same website…go figure!
    Good Luck with your interview but don’t pin your hopes to high..personally i think tehy are just collecting as much personal information as they can.

  19. I had an interview with BackCheck in Montreal. I was pretty disappointed that I did not get the job because it’s so difficult to work with the kind of French I speak, ha ha. I admit that I read your blog before going in and thought nothing of it, until days later … and even weeks after being interviewed, they are *still* looking for employees. It screams of sketchiness (as do a lot of these comments – maybe there’s a branch that is in charge of writing sassy comments on this particular blog post of yours?!).

    I’m not bitter either. It screamed of sketchiness even before I left the building and found out that I didn’t get the job. Ah well.

  20. They are harvesting private information. I guess that’s not only ‘sketchy’ but also Illegal!!!!

  21. The fact that so many people have had the same experience as me leads me to wonder whether anything could be done to expose this sketchy employer.

  22. Same thing here…. Interview after interview, psychometric tests, and everything.. then they say my application was not successful and that their company policy does not allow them to give any feedback. so you cannot even know why you weren’t chosen. weird.

  23. If anyone actually works for Backcheck, it would be neat to get some information on it from that side.

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