What’s wrong with Hegel

The past must be narrated, the present cognized, the future intimated. (Schelling) Hegelian dialectic cognizes the past. The past is not a point in time, but an ekstases. A “reaching-out”. The past is no less “present” than the present, it is simply present in a different way (as recollected, as remembered). The past must be […]

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Questions for Life

A) What are we doing when we retrieve Ancient Philosophy? B) How does the answer to A differ from what we are doing when we use common sense, everyday ready-made notions? Provisional answer: A and B are seperated by the possesing/lacking of what we call awareness, having-one’s self, authenticity, consciousness, intentionality. 2) Freedom is the […]

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Thinking Geo-Engineering more broadly

I’m starting to become more and more convinced by the geo engineering prerogative. Conservation is too ecological, romantic, pastoral. The Nazi response to modern technology is to keep doing it while we privileged the pastoral. The US response has been to keep doing it while regulating it and establishing parks. Both these methods suffer the […]

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Congress 2008 Recap

On the whole, an excellent week. Highlights included the CPA workshop on Urban Philosophy, and the “Back to the Things Themselves” seminar and workshop with the EPTC. Lowlights included everything else to do with the CPA, and some of the Heidegger talks at EPTC. The largest highlight though, was meeting other people who are engaged […]

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