Congress 2008 Recap

On the whole, an excellent week. Highlights included the CPA workshop on Urban Philosophy, and the “Back to the Things Themselves” seminar and workshop with the EPTC. Lowlights included everything else to do with the CPA, and some of the Heidegger talks at EPTC.

The largest highlight though, was meeting other people who are engaged in doing phenomenology. The theme of the “things themselves” seminar was edges and betweens, and we really did delve into these phenomena. Possibly most deeply first paper, Kevin Love’s engagement with “the Startle”, which I hope will be published so that it can be available more widely. The startle is particularly of interest to me because it is a moment of vision which reveals nothing, perhaps a “dark augenblick” which folds as a couplet with anxiety as Aristotle’s two notions of nous complement each other while remaining distinct.

One thought on “Congress 2008 Recap

  1. I understand nothing of what you just described…

    But I approve.

    I’m glad you have found like minded phenomenologists to pal about with!

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