Questions for Life

A) What are we doing when we retrieve Ancient Philosophy?

B) How does the answer to A differ from what we are doing when we use common sense, everyday ready-made notions?

Provisional answer: A and B are seperated by the possesing/lacking of what we call awareness, having-one’s self, authenticity, consciousness, intentionality.

2) Freedom is the retrieve which is self conscious of itself as retrieving. The first beginning is the unconsious retrieval of the first beginning. The other beginning is only the becoming aware, the making-manifest what was already present but hidden in the first.

3) The other beginning in Hegel – just the becoming aware of edges, of permeability, of inter-penetration: absolute knowing as basic phenomenological awareness.

(But what of the dialectical presentation of the categories? Schelling: the past must be narrated! Hegel’s error as the presentation of genesis of Geist as having a universal structure – but the universal (read: most general, kathoulou) structure of the Event is only in the movement of retrieval itself, not in the historical genesis of culture.)

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