Mathias and Kiersten’s wedding

This morning I arrived from M and K’s wedding in Portland, Oregon, followed by a 3 day honeymoon party at the Cheesecake cabin near Trout Lake, Washington. I plan to write a thorough description of these events, as they are important not only for my own personal development as a human being, but also for anyone interested in pursuing the seemingly archaic practice of marriage. Here are the chapter headings:

1. The Ride Down (Team Portland/Clown School/Puppetry equipment/Olympia/South East Portland)

2. The Ceremony (Preliminary remarks/the bridal procession/the vows/the feast/the guests/the family) (Special condirations to traditions – catholic/mormon/pagan)

3. The Adventure Continues (Jack and the bus station/freeway troubles/leaving Portland – the voyage to the cheesecake cabin/arriving at the cabin/arriving at the cave)

4. The Cabin (First Cave Adventure/description of the cave/meaning of the cabin-the portal)

5. At the Cabin (Second Cave Adventure Jam/Running in the Storm/All in the field/Team Town/At the Creek/Shadowjam) (Critique of Body Hermeneutics)

6. Departure and return (Packup/Mount Hood Tourist town/Portland Experience/Team Vancouver (fart song)/Last Rest Stop/Border/Vancouver Taxi)

The most important concept of the weekend is the retrieve, because this is the basis of Marriage (enacting the repetition of a bond more original than state or religion). The most important attunement of the weekend was acceptance and respect. The theme was respectful critique (intellectually) and welcoming jam spaces (artistically). I both participated in intellectual discussions on the history of metaphysics, and, jammed with my voice, guitar, and poorly tuned ukelele. I may even be invited to burning man.


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