Cabin Feever Four

Cabin Feever four, as expected, was a great success. The group was smaller this year – Nick and Emmerson arrived from their Naramata/Nelson adventure, Neal drove up with Hillary and Drew, and I brought Erin and Scary. We arrived, as usual, late on Friday night.
It’s difficult to express CF in propositions, so I will mention just the highlights. Jamming with Drew – I actually played mostly guitar, was very enjoyable. Neal’s fire was epic, it made night swimming a pleasure. Learning that I don’t float – there must be something wrong with me. Dinner (always excellent), was eaten in the living room (very 70s), and the highlight was Neal’s kimchi pork. Drew: “I declare today to be, Awesome Day!”. Erin: “Tristan, you arn’t in the Vacation spirit”. Tristan: “Why won’t the friggin boat friggin start!”.

After I retrieve photos from my camera, I will post them here with captions.

There is much interest in another winter Cabin Feever – especially from Neal who wants to do ski touring in the area. Bring on CF 4.5!


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