The Trouble with Central Banks

With the “World Economic Crisis” here and on its way, there seems to be some worry about hyperinflation. This certainly could happen, but the state would have to go drastically insolvent. There is such a terror over defecit spending in Canada, I doubt we will come to be over extended in this way. The danger […]

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The difficulty with values

The difficulty with values is that they are particular, or as you put it, subjective. If values are subjective then liberal democracy is basically right and the hierarchalzation of value can only be based on something like the greatest liberty to create your own hierarchy of values. This would means there is no such thing […]

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Decadence, Wonder, Love

Sitting in futures, I read from a 1922 lecture course in which Heidegger discusses German decadence and decline, and the factical-life situation of the University. Sitting in futures, I recognize my own life-situation as decadent, savoring the pleasures of a civic existence. Nuit Blanche, Coffee shops, (occaisional) dining out, many friends. Basically, there is little […]

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Remarks on Rilke and Metaphysics

I wanted to work on re-writing Nichomachea ethics, understanding agathon not as a pre-given plenum, but as the existential horizon whose unity and logical priority is a product of ambiguous and erotic lived existence. There was only one problem – that is exactly the project of Being and Time. Tonight I read Rilke’s Eight Elegy […]

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