Reflections on Via rail schedules…

Original arrival time – 9:47
Estimated arrival time – 1:05

four hours after original arrival time – 1:47pm. NOT 4 hours late.

But – how are we making this time?

Actual departure time – 8:45pm (from Dorval)
ETA at Toronto (with milk train stops) 1:05
Estimated total travel time with milk train stops – 3 and a half hours.

If they can run from Dorval to Toronto in 3.5 hrs with milk train stops, why in God’s name can’t they run Union to Montreal Central in Four hours with one stop, instead of the 4.5 hrs it takes now? Obviously these trainsets can in fact run the speeds the Turbo Train ran at – they are doing it right now!

One thought on “Reflections on Via rail schedules…

  1. Now I know how you entertained yourself during the wait… oh the joys of blogging… and you haven’t even technically left Montreal yet.

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