Van Naming Contest


I’ve always enjoyed the idea of naming things I own, inanimate things. It helps animate them, make them meaningful. Last summer the Taurus had the name “official place of fun”, or something along those lines, due to its involvement in various trips. That, however, is a descriptive and not a proper name. I’ve always been horrible at naming things – I’ve never successfully named a guitar, bike, or car. Which is why I’m asking you to help me name the vehicle that will take me across Canada. Winner gets a prize yet to be determined!

One thought on “Van Naming Contest

  1. Update: The van has carried myself and 3 friends 160km north of Toronto to Emmett’s schoolhouse for a july 1st weekend. I can’t tell yet if its burning much oil (no difference showing yet), but it does seem to be using a strangely large amount of fuel. I will refuel on the way home and try to get a reasonable “highway cruise” reading to see if the results so far are just caused by highspeed freeways and being stuck in traffic.

    On the upside, the Van has a name – I will call her the Space Tractor. Tractor because of the 4 wheel drive, and the way it tends towards a cruise closer to 90km/h rather than the norm on the 400 series highways of above 110, and space – well, because it looks like a space craft!

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