Preparing for the trip

This post begins a series of daily updates from the trek across Canada. Originally today was the departure date, but since we need to arrive in Winnipeg on friday night, it makes sense to leave tommorow instead.

My brother flew in from Vancouver last night, which meant he was here for my going-away party. The gathering went well, with a successful fire, joyous group singing, and Maria even stayed up past ten pm. Noah, a friend from undergrad, is still considering joining us on our adventure – he has till tonight to decide.

Today the plan is to see the Hockey hall of fame with my brother. I’ve been wanting to go to the Hall for years, but it is quite expensive and I wanted to wait to go with another proper hockey fan. Also on the to-do list is a stop at value village for some cheap camping pots and pans, and a kettle. Yesterday I secured a good sized cooler and thermos at Honest Ed’s. Those combined with the stove my brother brought out means we are kitted out pretty well for the trek across Canada – I’m just praying we don’t break down somewhere with an unfixable problem.


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