Cross Canada – Day 1 Morning

First Day

315km from Toronto

Up at the crack of 7:50 AM, Simon and I packed the van and we were on our way at 9:07. Leaving Toronto always proves difficult for me, not because I’d rather stay – but because the freeway system is so bewildering. But, after some difficulty and a detour by York University, we found ourselves on the 400 heading north. Through Barrie, Muskoka, and Parry Sound the road remains four lanes, and an impressively smooth four lanes at that. I think it has something to do with it being built directly on sheer bedrock. Now though we’ve lost the four lanes, and are about 90km from Sudbury. The road feels old, the proper trans-Canada. Whereas 100km/h feels too slow on a European-smooth superhighway, 90 feels just right on this road. Winding through the bush, beside the hard rock faces which were cut away to build this road, and around the marshes and lakes, some of which probably connect to Georgian Bay. I’ve been told to get used to this scenery – as it doesn’t change for about 1500km.

The van seems to be running well – smooth and quite strong at seed. We even got it up to 131km/h (GPS speed) while overtaking a truck earlier.


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