Day 3 Morning

Last night we saw thunder bay (unimpressed), and made it as far as Ignace, Ontario. We stayed at a little out of the way campsite (thanks to Ontario’s relatively unhelpful provincial campground literature) at Sandbar lake. The campsite was nice enough, but had an abandoned feel about it. The lodge said “Welcome” witha large banner, but despite this and it being office hours, there was no one home. There was no one anywhere.

So, we camped and didn’t worry about it. Later we found out this is a word of mouth place from some guy who had come up from Michigan. Maybe the fishing is good. Anyway, he said we could *wink wink* pay in the morning. So, we got up in the morning, packed the tent, and promptly departed. We can spend our 27.25 on something more interesting – like perhaps the Winnipeg folk festival.


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