Day 4 Morning

Since we weren’t able to get ahold of Tyler in Winnipeg, we decided to cut our losses and move on. Waiting around trying to get in touch with Tyler was actually a blessing in disguise, we ended up seeing far more of Winnipeg than we otherwise would have, and it’s quite a nice city. Expect a fuller update concerning Winnipeg later today.

Last night we made it within a few hundred clicks of the Saskatchewan border, and we are coming to realize one thing – Canada is really small. Sure, it took two and a half days to drive to Winnipeg, but if we hadn’t spent so much time in Marathon we could have done it in two – and now we find ourselves barely two days from Barriere BC (an hour north of Kamloops, our final destination).

Not to say Canada isn’t very big, driving across you only see a tiny part of it – but it just isn’t that long to drive from Vancouver to Toronto.

I have photos from Thunder Bay to Saskachewan that I will post later today, and I should also have some comments on Marathon, Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario Camping, Winnipeg, and the Yellowhead Highway.

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