The Rest of the Trip

After Edmonton we continued along the Yellowhead highway into Jasper National Park. At the park entrance we had to pay 19.60$ if we planned on stopping at all. I felt this was a bit absurd, since it encourages people to drive straight through without stopping.

The mountains through the park are impressive, but in a quieter way than the mountains around Banff. What struck me, however, was that the landscape was no more dramatic than the plains of Saskatchewan.

We looked into taking the Jasper Tramway way up, but the cost is 28$ per person. We probably could have done the hike to the top in a few hours, but we weren’t in the mood. (Road trips don’t really put you in a hiking mood).

Seeing Mount Robson for the first time felt a bit, well to be honest – American. The mountain is easily visible from a highway pulllout which features an interpretive centre and a cafe. It’s a bit, easy.

Still, the Park is great, and I’d like to go back to camp there, and spend some time hiking, getting out of the valleys accessible by roads.

Speaking of camping – the site were we stayed was 14.85$ which needed to be deposited in an envelope because there was no one around to collect it. Which meant I didn’t have exact change so it felt more like a donation of around 14$. However, technically we were meant to pay another 8.85$ to have a campfire with the provided wood. What?

Anyway, the park is worth seeing – especially for the icefields parkway between Jasper and Banff (which we didn’t travel on). Hopefully someday I’ll find an excuse to travel on that road. Dave – fancy a little camping road trip?


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