Red Racer IPA

This beer is expensive – it comes in cans, yet costs over 12$ for a six pack. This, and the fact it’s brewed in Vancouver, and that it won something called the “Craft Beer Vancouver” competition were the main reasons I picked it out. The competition win purported it to be the “best brew in […]

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Canada Line Review

I have now ridden the RAV (Canada) line twice – from Bridgeport to Broadway, and from Broadway to Waterfront. While it is nice to have a subway running through south Vancouver, I can’t say riding the “new” train felt like a revolution in Vancouver transport. To really understand how the RAV line sits in Vancouver’s […]

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Bouncing Around B.C.

In the last short while I’ve been to Victoria, Chemainus and Vancouver sleeping on couches all the way. Here were some of the highlights: Driving furniture from North Vancouver to Victoria and nearly missing the last ferry. Couch surfing in Victoria at Erin and Andrew’s flat when 3 other people had the same idea. Visiting […]

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The Ol’ Swimmin Hole

Last night Emily, Dave and I went up to the little inlet on Allouette lake for some swimmin’ and some jumpin’. It’s a good little place, the kind of place you can overcome your fear of heights or cold water. Pretty popular as well – we saw several other groups of young people up for […]

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Summer Photos

Earlier this summer I drove across Canada with my brother, posting pictures along the way. I didn’t get around to posting the 3rd set of photos online, but I have now. It includes photos from hipsterriffice Saskatoon, the West Edmonton Mall, Jasper, and the famous Mount Robson. I also posted some photos from up at […]

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A swimming hole at Allouette Lake

This evening my mother and I took advantage of the new Golden Ears bridge to visit Allouette lake. While the day use area at the south end of the lake is not terribly interesting, we found a wonderful spot near the north beach campground: This protected inlet is a wonderful little swimming hole, with clear […]

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