Bouncing Around B.C.

In the last short while I’ve been to Victoria, Chemainus and Vancouver sleeping on couches all the way. Here were some of the highlights:

Driving furniture from North Vancouver to Victoria and nearly missing the last ferry.

Couch surfing in Victoria at Erin and Andrew’s flat when 3 other people had the same idea.

Visiting my grandmother in Chemainus, visiting Oak Bay, and catching the Dayliner back to Victoria.

Dancing and Swans – honestly, this might be the best bar in B.C.

Going to question period and being even more dissapointed than I expected I’d be.

Being on top at the front of the double decker bus from Victoria to the Ferry. Especially when the driver nodded off and nearly plowed into the divider in the centre of the freeway at 90km/h.

Walking from Airport Station to Bridgeport station out of spite because I refuse to take the 98 B line now that it is defunct.

Continually getting confused and thinking it was prom at Pat’s going-away “Prom” themed party.

Booking my ticket back to Ontario weeks after telling people I had booked it.

Playing and listening to Jazz with Alex, while waiting for Maria to text me from the AC/DC concert.

Going to bed, happily knowing I’ve seen and spent time with at least most of my Vancouver friends before heading back to Ontario.


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