Red Racer IPA

This beer is expensive – it comes in cans, yet costs over 12$ for a six pack. This, and the fact it’s brewed in Vancouver, and that it won something called the “Craft Beer Vancouver” competition were the main reasons I picked it out. The competition win purported it to be the “best brew in Vancouver” – which considering the level of independent brewing in Vancouver is no small complement. Turns out, the beer is that good – very that good. Makes you want to divide it up and mail beers to friends around the Country good. This beer, like good IPA, like a good curry is extremely spicy (hoppy) and alcoholic (ok, maybe that isn’t the same as a curry) – but in addition to this, it is very fruity as well. Like a spicy curry combined with a sweet aromatic chutney, this beer manages to become even more Indian with the addition of British ingenuity.

Redracer ale

3 thoughts on “Red Racer IPA

  1. I’m now in Toronto, and suffering seperation anxiety from this beer. I honestly think I know pretty much all the beers that are available to me out here, and none of them compare to this one.

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