Red Racer IPA

This beer is expensive – it comes in cans, yet costs over 12$ for a six pack. This, and the fact it’s brewed in Vancouver, and that it won something called the “Craft Beer Vancouver” competition were the main reasons I picked it out. The competition win purported it to be the “best brew in Vancouver” – which considering the level of independent brewing in Vancouver is no small complement. Turns out, the beer is that good – very that good. Makes you want to divide it up and mail beers to friends around the Country good. This beer, like good IPA, like a good curry is extremely spicy (hoppy) and alcoholic (ok, maybe that isn’t the same as a curry) – but in addition to this, it is very fruity as well. Like a spicy curry combined with a sweet aromatic chutney, this beer manages to become even more Indian with the addition of British ingenuity.

Redracer ale



  1. I’m now in Toronto, and suffering seperation anxiety from this beer. I honestly think I know pretty much all the beers that are available to me out here, and none of them compare to this one.


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