The arrival of the future. Part 3 of 3: BMW’s GINA project

You might be wondering how a concept car could signal that the future has already arrived. Concept vehicles, we normally think, project futures that may or may not arrive. For instance, the minivan was first shown by Lancia in 1978 – but it didn’t “arrive” until Chrysler’s great success in the 1980s. However, what we […]

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Social Beliefs and Personal Values

I often make the case that torture in the middle ages was a moral act. Given what people believed about the afterlife, torture wasn’t just morally neccesary or acceptable, in certain situations it was downright deserving of approbation: “The penal law sought to save [the accused’s] soul. For this reason, a convictd person who confessed […]

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We all have them. They’re what drive us, what we strive for. What we sometimes have to give up. What we set up as provisional ideals, goals, projects. What guide us through difficult decisions. What we ponder over. What we die for (or from). When our ideals differ from those of others, we have values […]

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York Debating Society

In Victoria this summer I promised Erin Rennie that I would attend at least one meeting of theĀ  York debating society – and today for the first time I attended a meeting. Today for the first time I attended a meeting of the While I’ve been meaning to check them out for years, I’ve always […]

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First week back, and a new blog

It’s Sunday – meaning I’ve been back in Toronto for an entire week. I’ve been to many parties, seen many familiar faces. I have one class, two jobs, other papers to write – it will be a busy term. But, there will still be time for reflection. It’s hard to know what to write when […]

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American Rail Trip Amalgamation

Cross America Rail Trip Day 1 – Morning (Cascades from Bellingham to Seattle) Day 1 – Afternoon (Seattle) Day 1 – Evening (Empire Builder in Washington State) Day 1 – Photos Day 2 – Morning (Empire Builder in Montana) Day 2 – Photos Day 3 – Afternoon (Chicago) Day 3 – Chicago Photos Day 4 […]

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