Trip Photos

Sorry these were so long in coming – internet access along the way was really rather spotty, and I didn’t want to spend my layover in Chicago holed up in a Starbucks when there was city to explore.

So here they are, or least the ones worth web publishing. The first day includes the trip from Bellingham to Seattle, touristing around Seattle, and the first day of the Empire Builder. The second day begins with the Rockies and crossing the great divide, and then landscape turns to the northern prairies and their amazing skies, then through the farmland of Wisconson and finally into Chicago. (this is actually a day and a half, as it includes the photos of morning and early afternoon on the 3rd day). The Chicago layover has some dramatic shots. There are some shots from the Buffalo layover, but they aren’t very special. Unfortunately, both my camera and my desire to take photos had run out of power by the time I got to Canada so there are no shots of the Niagara region, which is actually quite beautiful.

I’ve considered putting these up on facebook as well, since it would mean more people could see them more easily. However, I quite like them, and think that some of them are artistic – so I don’t want facebook to have rights to them. Call me paranoid if you like.


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