York Debating Society

In Victoria this summer I promised Erin Rennie that I would attend at least one meeting of the  York debating society – and today for the first time I attended a meeting. Today for the first time I attended a meeting of the While I’ve been meaning to check them out for years, I’ve always come up with excuses not to see what they’re about. On first impressions, it seems legitimate – they put on a good show debate, and the exec members I met seem solid (apparently returning members don’t show up until the 3rd week). While they don’t seem to be on a level with UBC debate, I’ve already met some good people, even other graduate students. This year promises to be an exciting one for York debate, as they are hosting the North American debate tournament. While as hosts we can’t debate at that tournament, being a member of the York debate society means the possibility of funding to go to tournaments around Eastern Canada – it might be a reasonable way to visit Halifax or Newfoundland.

Since both UBC debate and York debate seem to have good people, it seems likely that it is a general tendency of debating societies. Has anyone been a member of other debating societies? Does this ring true elsewhere?


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