Obscure Band Showcares: Part 2 of 3 – the Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods - Anti-Imperial CabaretThe Consumer Goods are a Winnipeg band that are not afraid to voice their opinions on political issues. Their Myspace page is littered with songs about the department of national defense, police violence, the Canadian occupation of Afghanistan, and the erosion of abortion rights in the U.S.

Their frontman, Tyler Shipley (one of my only friends with a wikipedia site) was active in the Cupe 3903 union during our 3 month strike last year. He’s a generally upright and decent guy – he even let me sing the song I wrote for the Pond Road picket at his band’s show at the Tranzac.

Perhaps their most popular song is entitled “Hockey Night in Afghanada” (music video here) is critical of Don Cherry for using Hockey as a way of justifying and supporting the Canadian operations in Afghanistan. The song is definitely worth a listen. I personally like the way the chorus differentiates legitimate views on hockey issues from support for the army:
“There’s nothing about Ron Maclean, the CBC, or hits from behind that says it’s alright to bomb a few foreigners from the sky”


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