On Carbon Ethics, Individual action, and the Value of Slow Travel

In a recent post, I tried to start a deeper discussion with Milan about what it means to act ethically in these needful times with respect to climate change. I’m not sure if he meant this post as a response to my post, or as a response to the ongoing discussion on carbon ethics – […]

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Carbon Ethics and Future Worlds

The Walt Disney company calls some of its imagineers “futureologists”, specifically if they work on Tommorowland or on the Future Worlds Pavilion at Epcot Centre. They are charged with visioning and representing futures. Futures are aspects of the present that project forward in time rather than space, so that we can anticipate what is to-come. […]

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High Speed Rail in Canada

High Speed Rail in Canada is characterized by being in the past. It’s something that was (the Turbo, the Bombardier LRC), or never was but perhaps could one day be (the JetTrain). It’s also characterized by existing, but not really existing (many Via trains hit 100mph in normal service, but their overall schedules are hardly […]

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The Canadian

I’ve just booked passage on the Canadian to travel from Vancouver and Toronto, and I’m quite excited about the journey. Having taken Amtrak across America, it will be nice to experience the Canadian equivalent. I was able to get quite a good deal. While I was happy with taking Amtrak from Bellingham and Toronto for […]

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“Chic-ness” and Cheapness – the materiality of the modern aesthetic

We find today everywhere examples of mass produced luxury. Sitting in a coffee house atop dark wood chairs, next to a floor to ceiling fireplace adorned with an exotic artwork, I am both everywhere and nowhere. Starbucks, or Second-Cup, even the new-look Macdonalds embrace an architecture of bare wood, rock and leather wingback chairs alongside […]

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On Rememberance Day

On Remembrance Day we are expected to honour soldiers. Soldiers who made individual sacrifices, for the sake of us – so that we can partake in the value(s) they defended. This is what is asked of us “in return” for their “gift”. But is this demand without political, contemporary interest? Are we expected to value […]

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