Potential Bi-Weekly Film Club?

I’m considering the possibility of hosting a weekly or bi-weekly film club night. There are a series of films I want to watch, or re-watch, and it’s easier to make time to do these things if one commits to a social engagement. This preliminary list includes films which I feel I’ve learned from, and which all exhibit a depth, a capacity for re-interpretation, which allows the viewer to get more out of the film by putting more into it. This is a characteristic of good art in general, I think.

Are people interested in something like this? Would it be better for it to start soonish (february), or would the summer be better? Do people have suggestions for others films they’d like to have shown?

Fight Club

No Country for Old Men

There will be blood

Children of Men

Last Night



  1. My interest personal interest is in film as work of art. However, I’m always open to other people’s interests, and I (subjectively) love documentaries. In fact, documentaries can be works of art as well, (although many remain on the level of polemic). I suppose the distinction might be whether the film has a “thesis” or a “theme”.

    Which documentaries would you suggest?


  2. I’m happy to see there is so much support for this idea. What time of day/week would people like to see? Like a tuesday afternoon? Or a Friday night?


  3. I think the next film should be “Children of Men”. I think it’s quite an important film right now, and more accessible than No Country.

    Thursday, Feb 25th seems like a good date. 9pm a good time?


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