Kevin Annett Speaks Tonight in CCRI North Dining Hall

Tonight at 8pm (February 5th, 2010),  Kevin Annett will be speaking on residential schools and his experience bringing the Canadian genocide to light at 403 Huron Street, Toronto.

Last night I watched his film “Unrepentant” on the same topic (available to view on google video). It is a powerful work. Kevin Annett has brought to light important information on the purposeful infection of first nations children with diseases (notably TB and small pox). While these allegations are often dismissed as speculation, it turns out there is pretty solid evidence by respectable white figures at the time. The most frightening figures are those which express a 50% mortality rate for Children who were officially brought to the school – especially in the context of knowing many more children were brought to the school than the paper record reads because Children younger than 5-7 were not officially to be removed from their communities, but in fact largely were.

It turns out this story was reported in a mainstream newspaper (the ottawa citizen) in 1907.

Kevin Annett was removed from his ministerial position at Port Alberni without cause, and was expelled from the United Church under extremely dubious circumstances. I recommend anyone in Toronto to come out to the event and support his continued struggle to bring exposure and justice to this national abomination.


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